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Agricultural producer and development
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About us

Al-Khamis and Al-Safar Kuwaiti Agricultural, Developing Producer Limited Liability Company was established in 1991 with three founding members.

Nowadays there are two directors of the company:


Dr. Alabood Ali

Dr. Alaboodi Szelim


The main profile of our company is arable crop and livestock production.

From 2015 we are continuously expanding the proportion of organic areas in our farm, in 2018 the area under organic farming was already over 400ha, which has a positive effect on the diversification of our company and contributes significantly to the production of healthy plant and animal raw materials. 

Cattle Breeding

   Growing Plants

Cattle breeding

The livestock breeding is based on our cattle stock, we keep nearly 300 limousine, Hungarian goat and charolais females and young calves.

The size of our site allows the animals to be segregated by age, sex and calves to be weaned at the optimum time, since we are not engaged in milk production.


We graze on more than 250 hectars of grassland adjacent to the stables, and thanks to this advanced breeding technology, we can successfully preserve the animals' biological value and achieve a quality of meat that is well-established on European markets.


As a result of constant medical examination, our herd is free of all contagious diseases.


In the last period we have won several tenders, as a result of which the conditions of animal husbandry could be positively shaped and modernized, so that our premises meet the most demanding animal welfare conditions in every respect.


We can have a healthy, clean blood line.

In addition to industrial technology, our work is supported by professionals whose skills and experience are the key to the successful operation of our company.


Growing plants

We grow crops on about 1000 ha in Baks village of Csongrád county and in the surrounding settlements.

Our economy has a high-quality machinery fleet for cultivation technology.

All of our areas are protected and also part of the Natura 2000 landscape protection program, which is why we comply with environmental regulations.

When applying our tillage technologies, we pay great attention to preserving economic values, preferring long-term soil-friendly but economically cultivated crops by observing crop rotation and choosing the right variety.

Most of our areas can be irrigated farming lined with canals.


        Our main crop products:

  • alfalfa

  • wheat

  • barley

  • maiz

  • sunflower

  • rape

  • triticale



Gagarin Major, Baks 6768 




Phone: 0036 20 347 3192

Bussines Hours:


Monday - Friday:  07:00 - 18:00

Saturday: 08:00 - 17:00 

​Sunday: 08:00 - 16:30

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